Because PureGuardPro cares about every community we serve we have made a commitment to support local charities in need. Our charity in Union County, NC is Food For Families. Approximately 5% of revenue will be donated to this wonderful charity in an effort to make sure that during these especially trying and difficult times No Child Goes Hungry. 

As we expand our service area we will be adding charities that have the same positive effect on the local communities. Every client of PureGuardPro is helping us fund a charity local to your community.

In these difficult times what better way to help those in need...especially children who are going hungry. 

Did you know that 27.78% of the approximately 41,395 students enrolled in Union County Public Schools receive free or reduced lunch through the Nationwide School Breakfast and Lunch Program? The families of these students often don't earn enough money to feed the entire household sufficiently. For many students, the school provided meals are the only meals they will eat all day. During the weekend, these students don't have access to school meals and can often go the duration of the weekend hardly eating anything. This lack of food impacts many aspects of a student's life from schoolwork, interaction with others, and even personal health. Food for Families is a ministry that has sent home a bag of food for these children and their families to have over the weekend.



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To fill the food gap over the weekend for those students known to have insufficient food

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For Information regarding Food for Families, Contact Amy Niccolai at or (704) 620-6391

Food for Families is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization


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