Perpetual Hygiene

PureGuardPro is dedicated to managing spaces and the abatement of contaminants that can provide environments for viruses to thrive and spread. 

We use only Hygiena ATP meters for testing base line levels or RLU's (relative light units) and confirming our products and process are working for you.

Any test results above 30 on the ATP meter indicate a contaminated surface that is in need of treatment. 

Maintaining a RLU level below 30 will provide the safest environment possible for your employees and customers. This level of sterile environment  is far less conducive to hosting viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi.


1 - Test

Provide documented testing of baseline start-point contamination

2 - Disinfect

Using proprietary science based technologically advanced disinfecting science

3 - Protect

Apply encapsulating bio-based 

anti-microbial protect shield to all surfaces for a 90-day treatment

4 - Test

Re-test areas to document ATP readings have been reduced to an acceptable RLU level of below 30 

5 - Monitor

PureGuardPro does routine monitoring of our client locations in order to confirm that our Pure 90 treatment is continuing to keep RLU levels in the acceptable range 

6 - Maintain

Depending on the PureGuardPro service package you have chosen, we will provide "Hot Spot" treatment to any areas that are a problem during your contract period 

back to work

Opening your restaurant,  business, gym, church or other facilities open is only part of the challenge. 

Getting customers, members, employees and the general public to return in large numbers is key to your success.

When you can show your patrons, employees and the community that you care enough to protect them using 

PureGuardPro's Perpetual HygieneTM 

you are letting them know they are as safe as possible from the invisible enemy that has disrupted their everyday life.

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